What Does a Title Search Reveal?

Finding a house to buy can be exciting, but completing the purchase can come with a few challenges. One of the most critical aspects of a home purchase is conducting a property title search. Approximately 9% of the purchase delays are due to title problems. This article will demystify property title searches and how you can use the results while purchasing a home.

What is a Title Search?

When you contemplate buying a home, you expect that the seller is entitled to selling the property. However, many buyers end up devastated when a third party with a lien on the home files a claim.

A property title search evaluates deeds, public records, and tax records to determine the rightful owner of the property. It also helps ascertain whether there are claims or liens on the property you intend to buy.

Do I Need to Hire a Title Search Attorney?

There are many details that you can easily overlook when conducting a title search. Some of these details can prevent the sale of a property or jeopardize your ownership in the future. The best way to avoid these problems is by hiring a professional title search attorney such as Atlantic Coast Title & Escrow to help you conduct the title search.

What Does a Title Search Uncover?

  1. Liens

A lien is a claim by another party against a property. The lien may involve pending debts or a collateral situation that the owner hasn't solved. If the home you intend to purchase has a lien, it means that another entity has a right to the property. A title search will help you ensure that liens are released before you purchase your new home.

  1. Inheritance issues

If the seller inherited the property, a title search would reveal other heirs who may contest the sale. You can also discover if there's a will leaving the property to an heir who's not aware of the claim. Inheritance complications can delay the purchase process. It is prudent to consult with a professional real estate attorney to help you discover whether the land in question has any potential issues linked to inheritance.

  1. Survey and Boundary Problems

You may have seen a few surveys of the home from the seller, but a title search helps you discover unexpected boundary restrictions that could affect the ownership of the property. If the title search reveals that another party or neighbor has a right to claim ownership of a part of your property, you could face boundary issues in the future.

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