What Are Common Title Issues You May Encounter When Buying a Home?

Thanks to its vibrant communities and sunny beaches, Florida has become a favorite destination for many homeowners. However, there are several factors that every potential homeowner should consider before purchasing a home in Florida. 

One of the things you should consider when purchasing your new home in Florida is the title. A title is a document that proves the legal ownership of a property. For this reason, you should ensure that the title is clear and straightforward when purchasing a home or other property. This means that the title should have no liens or claims against it. To make the buying process more seamless, you should hire the services of a Jacksonville title and escrow attorney.

Below are some of the title issues you can encounter when purchasing a home in Florida:

  • Unknown Liens: Unknown liens against a property are a common title issue that can complicate buying. A lien is a claim laid against a property to recover a debt owed by the property owner. If the previous homeowner accrued debts and creditors posed liens against the property, you might be liable for the debts when the title gets transferred to you after purchase. 
  • Undiscovered Will: A title issue may also arise if a homeowner passes on, leaving behind an unknown will before the property was sold. This may occur, especially if the deceased had not disclosed the will to their loved ones. In such a case, your property ownership may be challenged, particularly if the will assigns the property to an heir who then comes forward to claim the property. 
  • Missing Heirs: Like an undiscovered will, a missing heir can trigger title issues if the property is sold without their knowledge. If an heir who was unknown or missing during the property sale launches a claim on the property, they may cause issues, putting your ownership at risk. For this reason, you should inquire about the potential of missing heirs before buying a home to ensure that all the relevant heirs are included and consent to the sale of the property.
  • Survey and Boundary Disputes: Survey and boundary disputes are also potential causes of title issues. If neighbors dispute the existing boundaries or a previous surveyor made a mistake during demarcation, questions can arise about the ownership of certain property sections. For this reason, you should perform proper checks to avoid boundary and survey issues.

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