Top Ways to Expedite Closing on Your Home in Florida

Are you buying property in Florida? There are a few things you can do to expedite your closing process.

Get Pre-Approved

If you are planning on purchasing a home in Florida, one of the most important things to consider is getting pre-approved for a home. You are encouraged to do this even before you start property hunting.

Getting pre-approved will let you know what you can afford and simplify the process when you provide an offer. It will also help you avoid looking for properties in the wrong price range and increase your chances of your offer getting accepted.

Schedule an Inspection and Appraisal

Property inspections and appraisals are essential to avoid last-minute delays. Inspection and appraisal processes can take time to schedule, execute, and get the reports. Taking care of these items as soon as possible can help accelerate the closing process.

Provide Complete Contact Information and Marital Information

As you prepare for your home closing, having your documents organized and readily available when needed is essential. This includes your contact information, marital information, proof of employment, bank statements, and other financial documents.

Without proper contact documentation, there is little that can be done regarding the closing of your home. Giving the title company the contact details of all the parties involved in the closing process is the easiest way to expedite the closing process. 

Deposit Earnest Money

Depositing earnest money is essential in the house-buying process, as it shows the seller that you are serious and willing to go through the purchase process. The best part is that some title companies allow you to deposit earnest money online, making the payment process much easier.

Highlight Critical Information

Highlighting critical information during home closing can help ensure that all the parties are on the same page. This is also a good time to determine if you need to prepare a deed for another party before closing or search for different tracts. You should also confirm the client’s signing method and find out if it is necessary to have a power of attorney.

Sign the Title Commitment

The title commitment is provided a few days before the final closing. You need to review it carefully and sign to ensure that all the names are written correctly. This can help identify any inaccuracies and get them fixed early.

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