The Role of the Home Inspector in Your Florida Home Purchase

When purchasing a home, you need to understand the dynamics of a home inspection. Understanding the importance of a home inspection and the role of a home inspector can help you prepare for anything that might occur or be found during the inspection. A home inspector will look at your home inside and out to ensure your new home doesn't have any significant damages or concerns that might lead to issues in the future. 

Qualifications of a Home Inspector

  • Insurance: A professional Florida home inspector should carry a minimum of $30,000 general liability insurance. General liability ensures the home inspector makes the required repairs if they cause any damage during the inspection.
  • License: Home inspectors need to hold a state-issued license to inspect your home. They should participate in continuous training, including hurricane damage mitigation courses, to maintain the license.

What are the Responsibilities of a Home Inspector?

A home inspector assesses a building before the property is transferred to a new owner. The inspection helps ensure your new home is safe and up to code. The inspector will check the home's structure, the quality of the roof, plumbing systems, HVAC, and other exterior and interior components. 

  • Repairs: The home inspector typically conducts the inspection when you have toured the home and are ready to place an offer. Then, the home inspector will draft a report that allows you to negotiate to get the seller to pay for the required repairs. Once the inspection is complete, the home inspector is no longer part of the home-purchasing process. You cannot hire your inspector to complete any repair on your behalf. If a home inspector conducts the repair, they will have violated the American Society of Home Inspectors code of ethics.
  • Disclosures: Your Florida home inspector should provide you with a copy of their license and a written document highlighting what the inspection covers.
  • Report: The home inspector must provide you with a written report indicating the result of the inspection. If the inspector could not check specific areas of your home, they should explain the omissions in their report.

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